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The CX Live! Episode 48 - Strategies for Building Global Centers to Evolve the Experience w/ Simon Grice

June 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 48
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 48 - Strategies for Building Global Centers to Evolve the Experience w/ Simon Grice
Show Notes


In this episode, Simon Grice, Senior Director in the Chief Innovation Office at ServiceNow discusses how to build a global briefing center program to support company objectives and customer success, capable of evolving with the organization. 


  • How to set a clear vision for reimagining the customers’ experience while aligning to your corporate brand and values
  • The importance of understanding that re-designing a briefing space takes time, and the value in patience when building global briefing centers 
  • How to adapt the briefing center to its region and work with executive leadership around the world 
  • The process of building brand new briefing centers from start to finish, and how to leverage technology to improve storytelling 
  • How to create innovative and dynamic spaces such as boardrooms, theatres, broadcast studios or spaces for strategy sessions  

Guest Thought Leader:

Simon Grice
Senior Director at Chief Innovation office,

In his role, Simon oversees the global Executive Briefing Program and also an internal creative agency called the Story Studio. Simon supports organizations in their efforts to transform, modernize and create a better experience for customers and employees. He is a hands-on practitioner who is passionate about making the world work better for everyone. Prior to joining ServiceNow, Simon was the Director of Project & Portfolio Management at CA Technologies. At CA, Simon performed several key roles focused on the integrated set of software systems that together optimize the resource utilization, presentation, and delivery of IT services.  Simon’s 20+ years of enterprise software business experience began at Chorus Application Software, providing ERP solutions to a diverse range of vertical markets, where he was an implementation manager responsible for over 30 successful deployments of the software. His resume includes gaining government experience working as Lead Planner at Winfrith Nuclear site, run by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Agency.