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The CX Live! Episode 55 - Customer Experiences That Inspire Action with Emily Kester and Marshall Thompson

November 01, 2022 The CX Live! Season 1 Episode 55
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 55 - Customer Experiences That Inspire Action with Emily Kester and Marshall Thompson
Show Notes

In this episode, Emily Kester, Creative Director and Marshall Thompson, Director of Strategic Growth, both of Hyperquake, share how to build stories that are rooted in truth, making people connect emotionally and inspiring them to take action.

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of creating powerful stories that build deeper connections and strengthen trust with your audience - motivating them to think, feel, and do 
  • How the Experience Framework guides the development of unique stories that resonate with customers by tapping into how humans communicate on an emotional level 
  • Tips for ensuring the customer journey through your space addresses the right elements to achieve your goal, specifically a sense of safety that grounds the rest of the experience so guests can receive what you are sharing 
  • New ways to leverage experiential environments to demonstrate key corporate values that inspire your internal stakeholders including your discussion leaders 
  • Ideas for creating more inclusive stories that resonate with a new breed of today’s decision makers - sustainability, equity, collaboration

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Guest Thought Leaders:

Emily Kester
Creative Director,

As Creative Director of the Storybuilding team at Hyperquake, Emily brings a high level of creativity to every immersive experience she creates. With a strong experience design background, Emily has helped create experiences of all shapes and sizes for clients such as Walmart, Cummins, Procter & Gamble, and HPE. As a strong female leader, she brings a seasoned thought leadership in addition to a high level of empathy, humor, and hard work to every team she is a part of.

Marshall Thompson
Director of Strategic Growth,

Marshall has spent the last decade helping the world’s largest brands accelerate their most valuable opportunities through impactful storytelling, and memorable experiences. His diverse experience has spanned across hardware, software, and consultative services for the EBC space. He is passionate about helping businesses evolve with unconventional, disruptive thinking. Marshall is a recognized thought leader in the Executive Briefing space, with a focus on how immersive brand experiences can help build lasting relationships and drive revenue.