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The CX Live! Episode 59: Best Practices that Impact the Customer Experience with Adam Alfia

March 01, 2023 The CX Live! Featuring Guest Adam Alfia Season 1 Episode 59
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 59: Best Practices that Impact the Customer Experience with Adam Alfia
Show Notes

We’re reaching out to thought leaders from different industries to share their perspective on topics important to the briefing community.  Adam Alfia, Founder and Managing Director at Real Time Feedback, shares best practices to elevate the customer experience from making first interactions matter to addressing the Service Recovery Paradox that increases customer loyalty. He discusses how to overcome survey fatigue and the rise of the Customer Effort Score (CES).

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of training team members to actively address customer pain points and provide next level customer service 
  • Why the first interaction matters and impacts the remainder of the experience - positively or negatively
  • The Service Recovery Paradox and how to empower your team to make decisions that increase customer loyalty 
  • Key insights into developing a 2-way feedback mechanism that encourages customer responses and suggestions for overcoming survey fatigue
  • Technologies that allow customers to give real time feedback and make them feel they have made a difference in the process 
  • The value of the Customer Effort Score (CES), a way to measure success and ease of customer interactions

Episode Resource:

Guest Thought Leader

Adam Alfia
Founder & Managing Director, Real Time Feedback

Adam is a serial entrepreneur and currently involved in over 25 businesses. He started a European auto repair shop out of college, expanded to 4 locations and sold them all in 2005 for $7.5M. He then founded Maestro, a white-labeled virtual personal assistant service catering to the automotive industry with clients including Infiniti, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Subaru.  Most recently, Adam is the Founder and Managing Director of Real Time Feedback, an important tool that helps companies learn more about customer experiences as they happen, giving them a chance to correct issues. Additionally, Adam manages a successful chain of restaurants called Shell Shack.