The CX Live!

The CX Live! Episode 66: Strategies to Build/Grow Your Briefing Team and Program Offerings with Procore

September 29, 2023
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 66: Strategies to Build/Grow Your Briefing Team and Program Offerings with Procore
Show Notes

In this episode, members of the Procore briefing team including Jessica Gass, Simone Sterling and Cheyanne Faulkner share the story of how they envisioned, built, grew and continue to expand their APEX briefing program and its offerings. From the importance of understanding their unique audience to the organic evolution of a program that the whole company believes in and is proud to participate in, this is a success story that inspires! 


  • How the Procore briefing program began in 2020 
  • Stages in the evolution of APEX, the Procore briefing program
  • The gift of Executive Buy-in and Sponsorship
  • Knowing the Construction industry and creating unique “white glove” Procore experiences 
  • Expansion to internal, external and industry relevant engagements 
  • The power of Processes, Tools, and Solution Partners 
  • The Procore team’s vision for the coming years including international growth and formalizing the Executive Event program 


Guest Thought Leaders:

Jessica Gass
Senior Manager, Field and Executive Marketing,
Jess currently manages the briefing program as well as field marketing and other executive event programs at Procore.  Her previous experience includes roles in field marketing at BMC and Cloudera as well as some Marketing generalist roles at early stage startups that were acquired into those companies.  Her early career included concierge work at the Hyatt and an overnight bellman role at the Four Seasons which really spurred her interest in delighting people and not really ever being able to say no (which has been both a blessing and a curse - her team can attest).

Simone Sterling
Executive Program Marketing Associate Member,
After graduating with a sports marketing background. She has pursued her roles in events over the last 10 years in nonprofit events, sports events, tradeshows and now executive events.
Cheyanne Faulkner
Executive Event Program Associate Member,
With her early roles at WeWork and Zendesk in marketing events and hospitality, Cheyanne has always had a passion for making people feel welcome and connected ever since she was a kid.  Cheyanne’s first time interaction with ABPM was at the Boston 2023 conference!