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The CX Live! Episode 9: Executive Amusement Parks w/ John Kolesar

July 01, 2020 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 9
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 9: Executive Amusement Parks w/ John Kolesar
Show Notes

In this episode, John Kolesar talks with us about ways we can delight and create an emotional response with your customers that makes them want to come back to your center. We’ll look at ways to infuse customer experience programs with more creativity and human interest. Put your hands up and enjoy the ride!

Episode Highlights: 

  • Main goal of an EBC or customer experience center is to deliver and experience the customer remembers.
  • Things to consider from a hospitality perspective.
  • Be sure you have a consistent goal and theme always present.
  • Ideas for creating the ‘Ritz Carlton’ of briefing centers. 
  • Considerations for less obvious touchpoints (i.e. signage, cleanliness, parking, and accessibility)
  • How to utilize resources and your existing network to collaborate and create. “It’s a small world after all.”
  • Suggestions for different “types” of rooms and spaces you can create to serve different health, wellness, and emotional needs of your customers.
  • And… how to ‘secret shop’ your center. And why it matters.

Guest Thought Leader:

John Kolesar
Enterprise Account Manager,

Build corporate amusement parks for executives. Creating immersive experiences in Executive Briefing Centers for 15 years has provided an invaluable opportunity for me to grow and establish amazing contacts at world class companies. Making it fun to visit and learn about these large companies is my specialty. Traveling the country and the world, for work and fun, has given me the insights to make this possible. Pulling it all off, making it look simple, with elegance, isn't easy. And I love the challenge!