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The CX Live! Episode 16: Partnering with Key Stakeholders w/ Paola Angeleri

December 01, 2020 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 16
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 16: Partnering with Key Stakeholders w/ Paola Angeleri
Show Notes

In this episode, Paola Angeleri provides a deep dive on forging strong relationships with internal teams to create better touchpoints for the customer journey and instilling briefing teams with a culture of learning to deliver impactful experiences and virtual briefings. We cannot do it alone!

Episode Highlights:

  • Consider the briefing center ‘a stage’
  • Relationship building is an investment - and it takes time
  • Tips for identifying which teams to collaborate with
  • Relationships evolve - revisit stakeholder relationships and adapt accordingly
  • Considerations for leveraging unique ‘tour guides’ that can contribute to the process from other parts of the business
  • Be ready to take input, and really listen
  • Understand what success looks like for each stakeholder group
  • Understand what success looks like for you
  • Set up an internal advisory board and provide guidelines, expectations
  • Secure an executive sponsor 
  • Learn what motivates sales
  • What to consider and how to prepare for hybrid briefings. Address technology, video conferencing, and white boarding technologies 
  • Make friends with AV! 
  • Also specific use cases and examples from inside of Rackspace

Guest Thought Leader:

Paola Angeleri
Manager, Customer Success Center, Rackspace Technology

Paola is passionate about learning from her customers to drive improvements to our business. In her role leading the Executive Briefing Center (Customer Success Center) at Rackspace, she serves as a customer advocate working in collaboration with the sales and service delivery organizations to help drive innovation and customer-centric outcomes. Skilled in Team Building, Communication, Customer Engagement, and Management.