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The CX Live! Episode 21: Building Global Consistency w/ Jillian Neasom

March 18, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 21
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 21: Building Global Consistency w/ Jillian Neasom
Show Notes

In this episode, we sit down with Jillian Neasom of Citrix to tackle the challenge of bringing consistency to global programs in an effort to provide customer’s a unified experience representative of your company’s values and goals. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • How to raise your program’s profile beyond local centers
  • Making a commitment to sales alignment in local regions
  • Creating a strong blueprint for success
  • How facilitation has elevated the Citrix program
  • Tips for leveraging a virtual briefing platform 
  • Consideration for training programs - e.g. how to command a virtual room
  • Think intentionally things about customer touchpoint before, during, and after
  • Focus on organizing digital assets and creating a content library
  • Standardize nomenclature, text/messaging, presentation templates etc. 
  • Formalize big and small tasks to create full team transparency
  • Onboard emerging markets into virtual programs
  • Consideration for a sales leaderboard
  • Harness team insights across capacity, flow, and individual load. 
  • Use visual cues and virtual graphics as a ‘team uniform’
  • Share timezones for all attendees to build awareness
  • Never underestimate the value of teamwork!

After you listen to this episode with Jillian, you can also check out this video chat with Stacey Lovegren for more insights into how  Citrix Experience Centers are operating in a virtual and hybrid world.

Guest Thought Leader:

Jillian Neasom
Manager, EMEA Briefing Program,

Jillian Neasom is a briefing manager in the Citrix Experience Center in London. She is a native Floridian who traded in the sunshine for the vibrant charm of London 10 years ago, where she has lived ever since! Jillian joined Citrix in Summer 2017 to run the Experience Centre, where she developed the local programe and recently expanded the team. She is just beginning a new role with overarching responsibility for the Citrix Experience Centres across the EMEA region. A passion for the lively exchange of ideas is what drives Jillian and informs her briefing strategy. Her experience of living across two cultures and her varied career have taught her the importance of understanding a wide range of perspectives, and the concrete benefits that a diversity of thought and experience can bring to discovering new opportunities.