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The CX Live! Episode 22: Future Strategies for Program Management w/ Stacy Cummings

April 01, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 22
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 22: Future Strategies for Program Management w/ Stacy Cummings
Show Notes

In this episode, Stacy Cummings addresses cultural and technological elements that the team at Verizon have identified as part of their global strategy for virtual and hybrid experiences across 5 locations. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Briefing programs as a strategic tool to build and drive relationships
  • Incorporating voice of customer
  • How briefings have influenced Verizon’s webinar program
  • Understanding that no matter the success of your program, you’re not immune to ups and downs
  • Partnering with with sales to build what engagement should look like
  • How to manage tech support in/during briefings
  • Creating best practices guides
  • Setting up a ‘series briefing’
  • Using demos as a standalone session
  • Creating hubs as part of a go-forward strategy
  • Being mindful of a slow return to the office
  • Embracing virtual and live demonstrations
  • Leveraging BlueJeans video conferencing

Guest Thought Leader:

Stacy Cummings
Director, Marketing Events and Customer Programs,

Stacy is a 27-year Veteran of Verizon with extensive leadership experience in marketing, customer programs, corporate and executive communications, event and video production. Today, Stacy leads Enterprise Marketing and Customer Programs for Verizon Business Group. Her team is responsible for marketing and customer engagement for Verizon’s largest customers across multiple customer touch points including Verizon’s Executive Briefing & Customer Advisory Board Programs, Marketing Events and Experiential Opportunities. These programs focus on opportunities to grow our relationships, drive opportunities, collaborate, innovate and gain feedback from some of Verizon’s most important customers. Prior to this role, Stacy held positions leading Verizon’s Customer Advisory and Executive Briefing Programs. Under her leadership these programs grew into a world-class industry recognized element of Verizon’s customer engagement strategy. Stacy holds a BA in Communications from American University and is an active participant of the Association of Briefing Program Managers Board of Directors.