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The CX Live! Episode 23: The Technical Journey to Virtual and Hybrid Briefings w/ Tom Sullivan

April 15, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 23
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 23: The Technical Journey to Virtual and Hybrid Briefings w/ Tom Sullivan
Show Notes

In this episode, Tom Sullivan walks us through the technical journey for hybrid and virtual briefings as we discuss the technical elements programs can evaluate and implement for the current and future state of how we deliver customer experiences.

Episode Highlights: 

  • The ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to design a corporate experience center from the ground up
  • Working cross functionally with marketing, technical, operations and logistics teams
  • Using physical/touch components in your center
  • Insights when performing a virtual program audit
  • Leveraging augmented reality and apps to create in-home experiences
  • Performing live demos to virtual customers
  • Using robotics to physically represent a digital audience
  • Incorporating tri-directional communication
  • Thinking about scalability, 2 -3 years out
  • PTC’s 80/20 strategic approach to digital/in-person
  • Using pre-brief surveys - even while conducting business virtually
  • Using webcasting and web conferencing tools independently

Follow these steps to take a virtual tour of the PTC Corporate Experience Center utilizing their Matterport technology

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Why PTC"
  3. Click "Visit PTC"
  4. Click "Take a Virtual Tour

Guest Thought Leader:

Tom Sullivan
Director, Corporate Experience,

Tom is currently leading PTC’s Corporate Experience program. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and has a passion for innovative technology. He spent the first few years at PTC in their CXC as a Senior Engineer developing technical demonstrations using PTC’s software. He has met with hundreds of customers to demonstrate the technology to them. He then went on to build out a technical team of engineers that he managed for a year and a half before ultimately taking on a new position this past October to lead the overall Corporate Experience program. PTC is a global company headquartered in Boston where the CXC is also located. The CXC provides global coverage for their customers for both virtual and in-person briefings. Tom joined his first ABPM session last Spring and then presented in the Fall Workshop on the “Customization of Virtual Briefings”. He is a new member to the ABPM community and is excited to bring a technical perspective to the conversation.