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The CX Live! Episode 26: The Power of Briefing Scheduling Tools w/ David Walford

June 15, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 26
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 26: The Power of Briefing Scheduling Tools w/ David Walford
Show Notes

In this episode, David Walford gives us a crash course on briefing tools as a foundational element for any briefing program and how a centralized place to manage operations can help increase team efficiency and productivity.

Episode Highlights: 

  • How data helps briefing program managers tie initiatives together
  • What types of APIs can drive interactive experiences and engagement
  • Building speaker agendas
  • Creating a speaker’s bureau
  • Easing calendaring and scheduling tasks
  • New features, like tying into virtual rooms
  • Working closely with sales for better enablement programs
  • Tips for getting buy-in and budget approval 
  • When evaluating briefing tools:
    • Get as many demos as possible
    • Look for features that address current and future needs for your program

Guest Thought Leader:

David Walford
CEO & Managing Member,
Echovision LLC

With an MSA Degree in Computer Multimedia, David started developing apps in 1994. His first app was a sniper script for eBay auctions (sharing apologies to those who lost auctions in the final seconds of bidding). He has extensive experience working in the briefing industry having been part of 3 briefing programs including Silicon Graphics (SGI), NetApp and most recently Citrix. His role as a Briefing Center Technical Manager and Infrastructure Architect allowed him to understand the strategic importance of briefing programs as well as the tools that are needed to support briefing teams in offering flawless experiences for their customers while providing greater efficiency and increased productivity. In 2007, David formed EchoVision LLC with his first product called EZ-Scheduler, an app for Events. In 2013, the BriefingSource scheduling tool was introduced to service global briefing programs and has most recently offered an upgraded platform to their customer base in 2020.