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The CX Live! Episode 27 - Strategically Repositioning Your Briefing Program w/ Joe Perry

July 01, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 27
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 27 - Strategically Repositioning Your Briefing Program w/ Joe Perry
Show Notes

In this episode, Joe Perry shares insights and information on how to strategically reposition your briefing program to showcase your program's value company-wide by instilling the right changes that drive transformation. 

Episode Highlights:

  • How to audit the existing program and prioritize the right kinds of changes that  drive transformation
  • Audit how your program is perceived by internal stakeholders
  • A highlight of the Autodesk Customer Briefing Program
  • How to prioritize the steps to take in implementing a briefing program
  • Incorporating survey tools, real time dashboards, program assets, and reporting
  • Creating a utilization model for forecasting program capacity 
  • Tips for facilitating briefings both in person and virtually
  • Helpful tools like VisitOps and Salesforce
  • Leveraging marketing to help create reports and support sales reps
  • How to course verbal and budget support
  • Become a student of your company, the structure, and account segmentation

Guest Thought Leader:

Joe Perry
Senior Manager, Global Customer Briefing Program,

Joe is a Global Senior Information technology and Client Experience Leader with a strong track record of experience in developing global executive briefing center customer experience programs. Joe has experience in the technology sales cycle, and an understanding of how leveraging Executive programs can help accelerate the sales cycle. He has extensive experience in executive engagement programs, strategic partnerships, sales and consulting with an operational savviness, and a keen ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects simultaneously, keeping a laser focus on execution and delivering results consistently. As an effective business strategist, Joe began his career in the Air Force where he embraced the importance of being a lifetime learner, teamwork, building his expertise in business, technical, and innovation ecosystems and earning a BA, MBA, and MS in Law & Policy. Joe spent 20 years at IBM in various customer-facing roles, including leadership roles in theSoftware Executive Briefing, Innovation Center, and Watson Experience Center programs, and ~18 months ago moved to join Autodesk. He’s responsible for the Global Customer Briefing Program, which includes virtual, offsite, and onsite locations in Boston, San Francisco, Toronto, Birmingham, UK locations.