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The CX Live! Episode 29 - Designing Centers in the New Normal w/ Tim Larson

August 02, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 29
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 29 - Designing Centers in the New Normal w/ Tim Larson
Show Notes

In this episode, Tim Larson shares his insights on designing centers. With programs looking to reopen their centers, there are many elements to take into consideration for experiences now and the future across live, virtual, and hybrid experiences

Episode Highlights:

  • Positives came out of briefing programs/centers during COVID-19
  • The benefits of wellness rooms and how they work
  • Where  briefing teams should start in the process
  • Key areas to focus on when dealing with remote attendees
  • Touch screens and voice recognition
  • Real time translation and self-guided experiences
  • Think more comfortable, less formal
  • Leveraging multiple screens and gallery views for in-room participants
  • How people can stay informed on these technologies
  • Lessons for having programs ready-to-go

Guest Thought Leader:

Tim Larson
Design Principal,

Tim has been a leading innovator in the field of designing emerging experiences, sensory networks of augmented and mediated human experience and interaction in architectural environments for more than 25 years. As the Design Principal for Downstream, Tim has led the firm’s work in experiential design and user-activated environments, pioneering new approaches in corporate innovation labs, corporate visit centers, retail stores, sports and entertainment venues and public space communication technology. Tim is currently leading teams to develop tools to harness user behavior data in physical spaces to enable mediating synergies between objects and environment; between humans and objects; and between humans and environment. He has led numerous award winning projects including the Autodesk Galleries, Microsoft’s Redmond and Brussels HQ, The Boeing Collaboration Center, The AT&T Foundries, the Verizon Innovation Centers, Telstra Discovery Store Sydney, TCS Experience Center Mumbai and many others. Tim has also been a thought leader within the ABPM Community for many years often presenting sessions that look to the future of design technology by showcasing new trends and approaches. He serves on the ABPM Advisory Board and along with his team produces the ABPM Gala Award Ceremony each year during the Spring Conference.