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The CX Live! Episode 31: Re-Imagining Meaningful Interactives w/ Trent Oliver

September 01, 2021 The CXApp Live! Season 1 Episode 31
The CX Live!
The CX Live! Episode 31: Re-Imagining Meaningful Interactives w/ Trent Oliver
Show Notes


In this episode, Trent Oliver shares her insights on how and why interactives will enhance guests’ visits. Learn more about what goes into creating interactives that achieve our goals and take our customers beyond. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • A better way to think about ‘interactive media’
  • How briefing programs approach if ‘interactive media’ is a good fit for their centers
  • Who should briefing teams collaborate with inside their companies
  • What should programs make sure not to do in their spaces
  • New tools we can consider for more meaningful interactive experiences
  • How should programs be viewing creating these experiences in the short and long term
  • Key lessons learned

Guest Thought Leader:

Trent Oliver
Managing Director & Principal, 
Blue Telescope

With a vision to use technology, stories and interaction to expand the human experience, Trent created Blue Telescope. BT creates location based interactive experiences for Executive Briefing Centers, Museums, and Brand Experiences. Trent combines a thirst for learning with a questioning spirit -- and a desire to blur the lines between reality and technology in honor of the good. She has led BT to be both respected and lauded, guiding an in-house team that has won over 100 awards for creativity for their engaging boundary-pushing media and interactives. Trent serves as the Eastern Board President for the Themed Entertainment Association, as well as presenting sessions at many of their conferences.  As a supplier member to the ABPM for over a decade, Trent attends and presents at conferences and workshops to continue learning about the briefing industry and share her unique perspective on how briefing programs can think differently about how they engage at many different levels with their customers.